A Brief Introduction

VOLARE Debt Collection Management System

MSC Status Company, APICTA ICT Award 2005 & 2006 and Deloitte Fast 500 Asia Award Recipient.

Volare Debt Collection Management System is your all in one proven solution to a debt collection system like no other. It is designed to fit every detailed workflow of the Accounts Receivable practises for all industries (e.g. banks, telcos and other corporate organization). It can help you gain visibility into business-critical information, strengthen collection team discipline and realize efficiencies by automating and standardizing key collection processes.

Volare has been tested and tuned over time to withhold any system downtime due to data growth or the increase in the number of users connected to the system.

The Volare debt collection management system is a comprehensive Windows-based computer software system designed by Stampede Solution to run the A to Z of a debt collection agency’s administrative and monitoring routine. Need to the vast experience that Volare has in the debt collection industry.

Volare Philosophy

The system is designed based on Stampede Solution’s two main principles, SI: Simplicity and Information. Compared to other available Debt Collection System, we have taken the extra step to better understand the users of this system better to give them the exact user interaction interface that they need for their day to day operations.

With the amount of reports Volare provide (e.g. Commission Reconciliation Report, Collector’s Commission Claims, Staff Performance Report, Collection Forecast, Collection Report, Case Aging and Daily Calls/Transactions Summary Report — to name a few), your administrative work is reduced so much now you can focus more on making your business more competitive.

Volare will give you the added advantage when you compete with your competitors to win new clients. With a professional system setup such as Volare, your clients would have no reason to doubt your capabilities.

Who is Volare For?

Volare is designed to automate and assist in bulk processing of debtor cases and to monitor each case transaction in a collection process. Other than DCA, this product will also benefit:

  • Corporate organizations
  • Government sectors with lending facilities
  • Financial institution, telco
  • Hire purchase providers
  • Insurance company and hospitals

Why Pick Volare?


Three page collection process is all that every Collection Officer need to learn up. It only takes an average of 20 minutes to teach this 3 step procedures and the officer will be all set for work. This is especially useful in an industry that has an average turn over of 40% annually.


Volare has been put to extreme tests to prove it’s stability as it has been deployed in various organizations with a majority operating as Debt Collection Agencies doing large volume collection for Banks and Telco.


Volare is developed and maintained in Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok. With this, you can benefit from low development cost.


Despite all the features and services mentioned above, our price is among the lowest in the market by at least 15%. The moment a customer sign up for our service, the price is fixed. Customer will not see any hidden costs. Any extra man hours incurred is at our expense.


Our experiences in developing Debt Collection System enables us to understand your needs better than any other software company. Therefore we spend relatively much less time gathering requirements and needs, and deliver above your expectation – thus reducing interruption to your daily operations.

Customer Service

When you purchase a Volare, you are actually purchasing an IT solution service, not just a piece of software. You are establishing a partnership with a company that will take care of your every needs for collection solution.

Our service ranges from consultancy to application development to system support and maintenance. Whatever the size of your organization, we will stand by your side throughout the entire deployment, transition and implementation period, making sure your system is up and running the exact way you want it. Keeping our customers happy puts us above our competitors.


It’s not rocket science but Stampede Solution develops all systems on the latest Microsoft .NET technology which gives you mobility, flexibility, scalability and performance – everything a modern software application is suppose to be. A majority of shelved Debt Collection Management System software application in the market is either developed on the legacy Visual Basic 6.0 or runs on a Database Management System which over time, system speed and functionality is at risk. Securing your system and publishing the system on the internet is going to be next to impossible. We know because we have helped many clients move from these legacy systems our system.

Motivated Team

Stampede Solution consists of a young and dynamic team of IT professionals. Each and every one of our team members are trained to undertake every project to a very personal level, resulting in a system beyond your expectation. Talking to any of our team member gives you a sense of security over the success of your system, a feeling you don’t always get with other companies.

Good Design

We are also known for our exquisite screen design and user friendly system interfaces. With the latest Visual Studio .NET components by Microsoft and Stampede Solution’s design team’s creativity, our system has a sophisticated yet professional look to make the system easier and friendly thus being more interesting to use.


The general workflow that goes around in a Debt Collection Agency or collection department is mostly similar from one to another. We however realize that there are more to it on a detailed level that puts one above another.

What we provide is a ‘Debt Collection Management System’ (Volaré2005) that acts as an engine to your collection processes. However, most of the time, it is the ‘accessories’ of the engine that makes the system run exactly the way you want it to. The ‘accessories’ are what we call customization.

With our past success with many of our clients, we have developed among the most comprehensive collection system. However we give you the flexibility to make necessary customization so that when your system is delivered to you, you get precisely what you want for your collection team. This is similar to developing a whole new system just for you at the price of an of-the-shelf software. The only difference is that we have done most of the work upfront that the only thing left to be done when a new client sign up is system customization. Through this, we are already a step ahead of our competitors.

Volare Stay Collected

Volare is Simplified. Stable. Valuable.

Discover the effortless way to stay on top of it all.