Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing and Licensing

What is the purchase price of per license including set up and installation?

The purchase price includes number of users login that you require, complete with training, additional free customization, deployment and data migration. If you have an account with Orix, you can get a 24 months installment plan. For more information please contact us.

Is there a fixed price being offered if a large number of licenses are being purchased inclusive of set up and installation?


Can the purchase of a large number of licenses be spread out over various offices in different locations?

Yes. So as long as you are hosting your data for all your different locations in the same server (e.g. HQ) and that all the different locations carry the same company name, it is ok.

Are there any yearly renewal fees linked to the purchases?

Nope. We have yet to implement any yearly maintenance fees or anything like it. You only pay the price quoted initially. Any requests after that will be chargeable by the hour. Call us to find out more about our hourly charge which happens to be one of the lowest in the market!

Is there a need for a maintenance contract to be signed?

Nope. But we can whip up one if you like. We have done that with some of our generous clients who would like to retain us as their committed business partner.

Who will be in charge of the maintenance or if there is any problem with the software, Microtel or Stampede?

Stampede is responsible for all software related matters. Microtel will be responsible for the auto dialer software and all related hardware.

Is there any built in voice logging software built into the system?

Yes. In fact it is so well integrated that you can hear all recordings with just a couple of clicks from the debtor’s account screen (Volare) directly without the assistance of an IT guy or tech support. Collector select a debtor’s phone number from Volare’s dunning screen – Debtor Page.

The built in auto-dialler starts dialling the selected number immediately – cleaning up the number to become a valid number if necessary. When the call is done, user is requested to key in the outcome of the conversation. The duration of the conversation is recorded as well for further KPI reporting in your big screen.

Double clicking on each line (follow-up) will play back the conversation. You can also chose to extract the recording and e-mail over to your client. This is a great monitoring tool, getting more value out of a system that is traditionally obtained for compliance only.

Is there are cost effective voice logging software being offered with the system?

Yes! Volare is all inclusive one stop solution for debt collection.

5 Requirements for Volare Dialer

Dialer Server

You need to allocate a server to host your dialer. The server will function to route all incoming and outgoing calls and intercom. When you make a call from Volare or SIP Phone (described later), your PC will tell Volare server that you are initiating a call and Volare server will send instruction to this Dialer Server so that it can execute the call. It is also responsible for voice recording to be extracted later by Volare.

The channel bank (described later) will be connected to this server. You may opt for a cheaper server but it may cause a delay depending on the load (number of people making concurrent calls). A single processor server with Xeon X3450 processor with 8gb RAM and 500gb Hard disk space should comfortably accommodate 40 users with 30 concurrent calls.

Channel Bank

The channel bank – looks like a hub – is the device that connects the telekom phone line (your traditional phone line), PRI line or GSM gateway to the dialer server. Assuming you have 32 phone lines, all the 32 cables will be connected to this channel bank box. The channel bank box will then connect to the server via 1 usb cable.

This channel bank box is responsible for all the telephony signalling to your telco. This is almost similar to the card that you need to buy for your PBX when you add more lines to your PBX. However this box is specifically designed for Volare Autodialer.

SIP Phone

Note that all dialing from Volare will no longer require a physical telephone. Your Volare becomes a telephone. When you click on a debtor’s phone number from the Volare Debtor page, Volare will automatically dial the number. When the call is connected, you can start talking through a headset connected to your computer. However there will be cases whereby some of your staff does not want to make calls to numbers that does not belong to a debtor – e.g. calling client or personal calls, you will need to get a SIP phone.

A SIP phone looks like a normal PBX phone but it is designed especially to work with Autodialers. You cannot use TM phone or PBX digital phone with this system. You can only use SIP compliant phone. You may search for better priced phone in the market. So as long as it is SIP compliant, it will work.


USB headset with noise cancellation. It is recommended that you get a professional headset with superior noise cancellation and instant exchange warranty. It makes a world of difference in terms of sound quality on both end. It should cost at least RM200. RM10 headset will work too but will significantly compromise on call quality.

Asterisk PBX

Everything that has been described above are all hardware. This software – the Asterisk IPPBX makes all of the above work together in peace and harmony. This software is to be installed in the Dialer Server (described above). We take no credit for this software as it is not ours. But all the configuration and customization are ours.

System Requirements

What kind of server will be required for the system?

For a setup of 80 collectors, it is recommended that you get a Dell/HP/IBM server with 2 x5600 series processor with 12gb RAM and SAS hard disk. You are advised to consult a Microsoft Partner before committing on a server as it might influence the kind of licenses to purchase. For licenses, you may call Microsoft Malaysia directly, CHESS, or Jardine One Solution.

What is the minimum specification?

  • Intel Pentium 3 800MHz
  • 128MB RAM
  • 500MB Hard Disk Space
  • 1024 x 768 screen resolution
  • 10/100 Network Interface Card
  • Windows 2000 1

What is the recommended specification?

  • Intel Pentium 4 3.2GHz
  • 512MB RAM
  • 1GB Hard Disk Space
  • 1024 x 768 screen resolution dual monitor 2
  • 10/100 Network Interface Card
  • Voice Modem 3
  • Windows XP Professional

*1 – It has been reported by some of our clients that Volare works fine with Windows 98 however we do not guarantee that it will work for you.

*2 – Dual monitor is not a requirement however we do recommend this for power users who need to monitor many tasks at the same time e.g. Search and Dunning on one screen and performance monitoring on another. In many cases this has proven to very convenient for managers to carry out their daily routine.

*3 – Voice modem is only required if you are planning to use Volare’s built in autodialer.

We highly encourage you to talk to our technical team regarding your hardware system needs.


Motivated Team

Stampede Solution consists of a young and dynamic team of IT professionals. Each and every one of our team members are trained to undertake every project to a very personal level, resulting in a system beyond your expectation. Talking to any of our team member gives you a sense of security over the success of your system, a feeling you don’t always get with other companies.

Good Design

We are also known for our exquisite screen design and user friendly system interfaces. With the latest Visual Studio .NET components by Microsoft and Stampede Solution’s design team’s creativity, our system has a sophisticated yet professional look to make the system easier and friendly thus being more interesting to use.


Stampede Solution develops all systems on the latest Microsoft .NET technology which gives you mobility, flexibility, scalability and performance – everything a modern software application is suppose to be. A majority of shelved Debt Collection Management System software application in the market is either developed on the legacy Visual Basic 6.0 or runs on a Database Management System which over time, system speed and functionality is at risk. Securing your system and publishing the system on the internet is going to be next to impossible. We know because we have helped many clients move from these legacy systems our system.


Despite all the features and services mentioned above, our price is among the lowest in the market by at least 15%. The moment a customer sign up for our service, the price is fixed. Customer will not see any hidden costs. Any extra man hours incurred is at our expense.

Customer Service

When you purchase a Volare, you are actually purchasing an IT solution service, not just a piece of software. You are establishing a partnership with a company that will take care of your every needs for collection solution.Our service ranges from consultancy to application development to system support and maintenance. Whatever the size of your organization, we will stand by your side throughout the entire deployment, transition and implementation period, making sure your system is up and running the exact way you want it. Keeping our customers happy puts us above our competitors.


Our experiences in developing Debt Collection System enables us to understand your needs better than any other software company. Therefore we spend relatively much less time gathering requirements and needs, and deliver above your expectation – thus reducing interruption to your daily operations.


The general workflow that goes around in a Debt Collection Agency or collection department is mostly similar from one to another. We however realize that there are more to it on a detailed level that puts one above another.What we provide is a ‘Debt Collection Management System’ (Volaré2005) that acts as an engine to your collection processes. However, most of the time, it is the ‘accessories’ of the engine that makes the system run exactly the way you want it to. The ‘accessories’ are what we call customization.