All The Features You’ll Need

  • V-SMS (Volare SMS)

    This integrated SMS feature sends out a text message to the debtor’s mobile phone without any additional hardware. Volare also allows you to configure outbound SMS campaigns to send out these text messages automatically when it meet certain criteria resulting in time savings from making reminder calls instead.

  • Multi-connect

    Volare seamlessly connects to hundreds of computers from different remote locations to a common database at your head office, thanks to the latest Microsoft .NET development tools.

  • Remote access

    This feature allows you to remotely-access Volare via a web-based interface through a web browser or a smartphone in the event that you are not in your office and do not have Volare installed at your remote location.

    To ensure maximum data security, the web connectivity is designed to have limited (basic) functionality.

  • Simplified Collection Module

    With the high staff turnover rate recorded for this industry, it is crucial to endure that new staff can learn the system in the shortest time possible. We have designed an easy 2-page core collection screen.

    1. First screen will show list of calls or follow-up needed to be made today and outstanding follow-ups from previous days.
    2. The second page will be triggered when Collection Officer clicks on a debtor name from page one, which will open up the debtor’s details page.
  • Account Locking Mechanism

    The locking mechanism is our answer to control and monitoring. Volare gives you the flexibility to exclusively configure locking parameters by type of cases and type of accounts for each and every one of your clients’ cases.

    When any of the cases falls into any of locking criteria, the system will automatically lock the collector from making changes to the case. At the same time, Volare will prompt team leaders and team supervisors of the accounts which got locked.

  • System Access Policy

    Every function in Volare can be protected from access by unauthorized user group. Volare let you create user group access policies which will apply to all users registered to this group.

    Access configuration can be defined to the very detailed level such as to allow specific reports to be accessible by certain user groups.

  • Case/File Allocation/Distribution

    Bulk cases can be distributed automatically using 4 methods:-

    • Distribution by Number of cases against value of cases
      ensures every collection officer gets the same amount of cases with the same total value.
    • Distribution by Postal Code
      Ensures each Collection Officers concentrated on debtors from the same area code, effective especially when site visits is involved
    • Distribution by Percentage
      Manually set a percentage to how much a collector can be assigned. Effective when you want to reward a high performing Officer with more cases while keeping prudence with new ones.
    • Distribution by Strength
      Ensure better Collectors gets more cases and vice versa based on previous months performance.
  • Remarks

    • Internal and External Follow-up remarks
      All remarks keyed in the External Remarks will be used to generate client related reports while the Internal Remarks will reflect on all the automatic system updates.
    • Pre-defined Follow-up remarks
      Instead of typing remarks, the system allows the collectors to quickly select a remark filtered by the selected event status. This can eliminate time wastage on typing remarks as all remarks will be more well-structured and standardized.
    • Automated remarks
      For some of the tasks or consequence from an activity, Volare will automatically insert a remark in the debtor follow-up/running tables.
  • Unlimited Number of Debtors’ Details

    Volare does not restrict you to any number of contact information for each debtor. And even when the debtor case is deleted or aborted, the contact detail stays intact.

  • Collector Productivity Monitoring

    Volare includes a list of progress report on all your collectors or teams which is updated in real-time when the collection process takes place.

  • Comprehensive Reports

    Volare is all about performance and to measure your performance you need reports that impress your clients, keep your team of management and decision makers informed and keep your debtors paying.

  • Customization

    For the more experienced user, you might be interested to customize your operation screen to ease and speed-up your collection processes with minimal effort. With just a couple of clicks, you can hide or show debtor information that you may require for your day’s collection routine.

  • Payment Consolidation and Control

    Often when a debtor makes payment, it goes direct to your client. In such even, the client will provide a periodic payment listing for your reconciliation purposes. However, going through a list of hundreds of cases can be a very time consuming routine.

    Volare provides a feature to import the payment listing into Volare and run an automated checking procedure to update all matches with the payment received. Subsequently, all commission calculation and reporting will be generated automatically.

    With this feature, human error can be eliminated entirely.

  • Definable Commission Structure

    Volare lets you define the commission structure and fee calculation for each of your clients based on:-

    • Account age
    • Fixed fee
    • Amount type
    • Amount assigned
    • Percentage
    • Bucket system
    • Percentage out of sum collected
    • Percentage added on top of amount to be collected.

    Once set, all the calculations will be done automatically so that the figures will reflect on the collection screen (if applicable) and all reports will reflect on the commission keyed in.

  • Advanced Search

    Our latest Advanced Search feature allows you to search the entire database and have the results displayed in a list view. You can later narrow down your search based on any criteria that you wish to see. From this list, you can also multi-select cases that require your attention. This way you can reduce your searches with a third party, consequently saving on expenses and time.

  • Installment Plan Scheduler

    Volare provides numerous convenience and control for cases on installment plans. With just several clicks of a button, a collection officer can record payment plan agreed with a debtor.

    However, this module offers further control by recognizing the plan if it complies to the company policy, in which it will be routed to the supervisor for approval.

    Volare will also remind relevant parties when each payment is due, or a SMS can be sent automatically.

  • Automated Letter/Notice Printing

    Instantly prints all your reminder notices based on pre-defined or customized letter templates.

  • Export

    All generated reports can be easily exported to a variety of formats such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Acrobat PDF, RAW Text files and Image files. Ideal for presentations or archiving.

  • Predictive Dialer

    Calls a list of phone numbers and connects collector to answered calls

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